A little about myself, I'm an experienced Principal Product Designer & Strategist passionate about making beautiful pixels with a purpose. Focusing on empowering people to make positive behavior change toward a more healthy and sustainable future.

Good fortune has allowed me to spend time in big tech, biotech, health tech, and fintech blockchain-based startups. The contribution to these spaces has ranged from executing MVP product(s) from concept to launch, scaling design practices, mentoring EPD, evolving design systems, and evangelizing design culture at the executive level.

When not designing, I can be found spending time with my partner, our child and dog. Photography is still a passion of mine and in my next life, I plan on owning a Burrito Truck.

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Product Design Lead
San Francisco, CA      05 / 2020 - Present
Senior Product Designer
San Francisco, CA      01 / 2020 - 05 / 2020
UI Design Lead / Art Director
NYC, NY      2016 - 2020
UI Design Consultant
San Francisco, CA      05 / 2020 - Present
Lead Designer
Nikon, Inc.
Melville, NY      2012 - 2015
Senior Designer
Davis Vision
Plainview, NY      2008 - 2011
Bruce Blyth
Head of Product Design

Christian cares deeply about our design practice, processes and team. He contributes to the team's productivity by identifying and taking action on opportunities for the team to improve in these areas. He plays a key role in advocating for the team and evolving design at Invitae.

Jimmy Chu
Product Manager

Christian has a heart of gold that is very focused on making the design practice within Invitae more established. He has a keen eye, a sharp aesthetic and taste level, and a reasonable style of negotiation that understands how to balance timeline, UX, subjective beauty, and engineering. He leads the design team through the beast of CMS design requirements, picking up where Ky left off and helping to make that project really successful from a design perspective.

Shivam Vora
Product Design Lead (UX Research)

Christian is the perfect teammate. Always calm, always cool, and always collected. He is passionate about design and excels in 4 areas as it pertains to leadership-people, process, impact, and purpose.

Emilie Simmons
Product Manager

Christian tries to gather all the relevant information for the projects he takes on and is thoughtful about how our product fits in within the rest on Invitae from a design perspective.

Carole Leung
Product Designer

Christian understands the value of what our design team can have an impact on our products, our users, and our company. He continues to champion for the value of what design can bring to the business and advocate for better user experience. Please continue to build bridges with other teams and continue to advocate for our design team. Thanks!

Jerry Burton
UX Designer III at GoDaddy

As my Art Director at IBM Christian has really been an influential leader and mentor with my growth on our agile team. He's an amazing leader and friend. He continues to inspire and innovate always thinking of his team, end product, and new solutions. He's a great communicator and understands how to take a step back and make decisions base on logic and not on emotion. His patience to work others and I show in always wanting to make sure he's there to answer any questions we might have. I recommend Christian for any leadership role you might have.

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