👋 Hi, I’m Christian Tryller. Currently, leading product design end-to-end, at Vise. Part-time Gastronaut.

💀 Previously at Figure, Commure, Invitae, IBM

Design Principles

A mind is like a parachute

It doesn't work if it is not open. I come from a family of educators, where I’ve learned the value of open conversation and innate positions to be curious. When applied, this practice of keeping an open mind in product design, it allows for teams to deliver richer experiences to the user. Product design should start broad ideas, that are then narrowed down to solve a user’s problem.

The antidote to hypocrisy

Transparency is the antidote to hypocrisy. When organizations, teams and programs are transparent amongst each other - to allows us to balance user needs, that translate into business goals. By consistently striving for transparency, it then becomes hard to lose sight of what’s most important for products - make the user’s life less complicated.

Good excuses

Benjamin Franklin once said “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else." This concept applies to the life cycle of products. User’s are counting on product teams to deliver swift and measurable products. This can only be done by organizations and product teams holding themselves accountable through compassion and having an enriching culture.

Love Language

Words can both clarify and confuse users. Choose the language your users are using. Choose clarity and be concise. Descriptive and helpful is the primary aim, adding personality secondary. Don’t sound like a system, we are all humans.

Design for change

No design is ever finished or done. Don’t be afraid of throwing away work, features or designs, good design is always evolving and grows with the business. Design with change in mind will allow us to quickly adapt to new learnings and insights. Every feature or functionality that is introduced needs time to improve. Once something is launched, evaluating performance and iteration should be the focus.

Latest Work

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Physician Dashboard -
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Genetic testing in the OB/GYN setting is offered inconsistently and often times, patient awareness of the utility is low.
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